Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a comprehensive tool that many businesses use as their sole project management software. 

Zoho Projects streamlines your project workflows with automation and customization, as well as integration with a wide array of productivity apps. Here are the myriad benefits to be had with the software:

Project Planning

With Zoho Projects, you can plan your project down to minute details by mapping every milestone to achieve until the project is completed. Under each milestone, you can create tasks and subtasks, as well as designate each to your team members.

Project Collaboration

Collaborate with your team members through multiple channels, such as the chat, feeds, activity stream, forum, and Wiki. With different ways to communicate with your team, you can ensure that everyone is aware of what is going on. These channels also allow everyone in the team to express their thoughts and ideas relevant to the project where everyone can see them.

Team Productivity

Zoho Projects uses tools like timesheets, resource utilization chart, and Global Timers to help you gauge your team members’ productive hours no matter where they are. Recorded billable and nonbillable hours are shared seamlessly with the integrated invoice software to make sure that billing and invoicing will be accurate and hassle-free.

Project Insights

Charts and reports are automatically generated to give you in-depth details of how your project is progressing, if there are issues, etc. You also have a dashboard where you can get a quick lookup of the project KPIs. To accomplish these tasks, Zoho Projects equip you with tools like Gantt and resource utilization charts, as well as Zoho Analytics.

Knowledge Sharing

Create a page where you can save documents and other necessary information for your team members to access when necessary.


Zoho Projects allows you and your team to customize certain processes according to the type of the project, or based on the team’s unique workflows and preferences.