Zoho Health Check

A  full optimization of your Zoho CRM is needed to have better traffics thus getting more leads. Maximize customer feedback to guarantee high customer satisfaction. KIWI CRM is here for your ZOHO Health Check.

Customers expect a seamless experience when they interact with your business. Like social media, mobile, in-store,  call center, on your website, and when making a purchase online. 
High customer satisfaction begins with a healthy Zoho CRM. We help you identify these loopholes. Eliminate them, tighten all loose ends and get your CRM on the high road to great results.

Keeping up with leads is  crucial to leads conversion. Effective distribution of leads to sales  for follow up is key.  Zoho CRM should be playing a vital role in actualizing effective leads distribution. If not, your Zoho CRM needs a Health Check.